Robin Frijns with WRT says, he would have run out of fuel – had it run green to the flag.

It was an increditable tactical race and as we know from Bathurst, its full of surprises and unluckyly full of accidents as well.


During the last hour, the leading cars with Audi and AMG were sweating on fuel as they knew if a clean race is ahead, they will run out of fuel and make Porsche to the winner, who were safe on the fuel side.

But 20 minutes before the end a huge crash between Ash Walsh and John Martin stopped the race into red flag and then called off with only 11 minutes to go.

According to Audi factory star Frijns, that intervention was crucial to the team winning the race. With out any incident on the track, the Audi most likely would have run out of fuel.

“I was saving a lot of fuel and was trying to keep a gap of Whincup of about three to four seconds, so i was pushing but also have to save as much fuel as i could,” said Frijns.

“I don’t think we would have made it if it was full-on green, so we were hoping for a Safety Car. Eventually it came.”

Whincup – just a smapp gap behind the Audi, the similar situation in their #75 SunEnergy1 Mercedes, admitting that he too would have either needed to stop or risk being left stranded without fuel if the incident would not have happened.

Overall an incredible exciting race, but a final sweating hour