The most spectaluar endurance race in the Asian region is Bahurst 12 hours. But what about all these different categories?

Every year we see over 50 cars at the track, which separate into 4 different classes and the attention of worlds best drivers is increasing.
So in short during the race we always have 4 leaders at the same time.

The King class is GT3

Its the class of manufacturers and a huge range of Professional drivers and this year the biggest entry list, about more than half of all cars. These cars are from Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, McLaren, BMW and Bentley.

Within the GT3 class we have three designations, based on drivers entered in the car and the FIA’s ranking system for skill levels.The Bathurst 12 Hour divides the FIA’s Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze rankings into the categories “seeded” and “unseeded.” The top two are seeded, while the bottom two are unseeded.

The GT3 Pro class combines driver with all Professional.
The GT3 Pro -Am means no more than 2 professional drivers on a team.
The GT3 Am does not seeded driver, but at least one of the drivers must have a Bronze FIA ranking.

 Class B includes GT3 Cup Cars

Basically we just need to think of a Prosche Carrera Cup, where we are partner of.
This class means in includes Porsche GT3 Cup cars. – called class B

The uprising Class C: GT4 Cars

Worldwide we see more GT4 cars are coming and entering the GT world. GT4 cars are a step down of GT3 cars. This year these include Ginetta, KTM, Porsche and BMW race cars.

The Invitation Class: Class I

The Class I cars are the ones that got invited to race the Bathurst 12 Hours. Race organizers decide which cars are eligible, and they compete against each other. It’s basically a wild-card class and include MARC Mazda V8s, MARC Focus V8s, MARC II V8s, a Dodge Viper and a Daytona Coupe.

Thats about it. :)