Chris van der drift wins 2nd champion at PCCA

PCCA round 7 at Shanghai international circuit.

All came down to the last weekend. 3 Top drivers fighting for the championship.
Martin Ragginger, who is waiting for his championship title for a long time and in lead of the standings
Right behind him, Chris van der Drift who is eager to get his second title
On third position is Will Bamber with his first year PCCA debut still in sight for the title.

The weekend did not start to well for Martin Ragginger. During practice he was not able to bring the car in pace and finished over a second behind the fastest drivers. On the other side Chris and Will improved lap by lap and with improved setup their car was in perfect condition for the qualifying.

Raggingers car instead showed problem, which the team thought are caused by the suspension, but most likely caused by the differential. With not knowing the exact reason for the problem, Martin was not able to manage a good qualifying time and finished 10th for race 1 and 11th for race 2, which mentally took his title.
Chris van der Drift on the other had a smile on his face, when stepping out of the car, as he set Pole for both last races in Shanghai and clearly a step closer to his second overall championship title.

Will Bamber confident on 2nd and 4th position for the upcoming races.

This weekend was different, as Qualifying, race 1 and race2 were all on the same day and if any problem with the car, it consequently will influence all races.

The 2 races were exciting with loads of position changes. Will Bamber had a good start at race 1 of this weekend and was leading the race after the first corner. With the experience of Chris van der Drift, he took back the lead already at turn 3 and took home his leadership all the way to the checkered flag.
Will Bamber fought hard and was close on an overtake of van der Drift, but spun and lost the pace to the leader, still managing ending second and earning important championship points.  It must have been a frustrating race fro Martin, who could not find his pace and could only manage to finish 7th, losing the leadership of the season.

The last race showed many overtakes and opened the chance for podium to the younger driver with Hamprecht winning the race, and the 2 Junior Drivers Andrew Tang second and Zhang Da Sheng and best Chinese on third place. Will Bamber finished 4th. Ragginger was able to have a faster pace this time and even overtake van der Drift. What we saw was a bumper to bumper race, Chris sitting at the back of Martins bumper for several laps of this race.
Finally Martin finished 5th and van der Drift 6th.

Champion Chris van der Drift for the second time after 2015 and a heartbroken Martin Ragginger on 2nd.

Will Bamber with its first year in Porsche Carerra Cup Asia leaves the stage with 3rd place overall, which is an incredible success.