Max Verstappen wins Sepang Formula 1

Everything started with a disappointing weekend for Mercedes team, as they could not find the right setup for the car and had performance problem with the car. During practicing it left them only behind Ferrari and Red Bull cars. Sebastian Vettel showed a strong Practice, followed by Max Verstappen.

Qualifying changed the overall situation, after Sebastian Vettel retired after only 1 lap due mechanical problem. Between FP3 and Qualifying they changed some important technical parts, which then had a bad effect on their qialifying result. Best Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkinnen with second place. Best of Qualifying was Lewis Hamilton, which was a bit of a surprise, as Mercedes was struggling the whole testing sessions. Third Max verstappen. Vettel starting last.

Sunday 14:56
All cars are ready on the grid, but Kimi Raikkonen’s car had to pushed to the pitlane due technical problem, which ended in a DNF. Without Kimi – it left an empty sport right in front of Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, which was an advantage to decrease the gap t Hamilton at the beginning of the race. After the first and normally most important part of the race, Hamilton conitune to be the leader followed by Verstappen, Bottas and Ricciardo. But Red Bull had the better pace and this year with the wider tires and the better downforce the cars can go in General 30km/h faster then last year.

For the rest of the race Max kept pushing and remain the leader of the race and achieved his 2nd Win of the season. Right behind consistent Lewis Hamilton and collected important championship points to extend his lead between him and Vettel. Third place saw a tough battle between Bottas and Ricciardo, but after lap 20, Ricciardo could catch Bottas at turn 2.

An impressive performance showed Sebastian Vettel who drove from last position to 4th place.
He and Bottas showed a good battle of overtaking, but finally Vettle made it 20 laps before race finish, even catching up on Ricciardo on lap 9. At the end Red Bull wins 1 and 3, Mercedes 2nd and Ferrari 4th.

During Press Conference, we witnessed a very happy Max Verstappen, a even more disappointed Lewis Hamilton, ” I come here to win, so second place is dissappointing for me”. When we see Ricciardo on stage, he is getting more funny from race to race. This time flushing water over Max, while he was givinge the summay of his race in his own language.

All in all – especially Mercedes was a melancholic, as it was their last race in the land of their sponsor Petronas, – their second home according to Toto Wollf. It would have been too nice, if Mercedes would have won. It looked more of a Ferrari weekend, but then Red Bull made the show  – one day after the 20th birthday of Max Verstappen. Happy Birthday.


Thank you Malaysia