Ragginger wins PCCA at last F1 Malaysia

When Porsche Carrera Cup Asia joins Formula 1 as a support race, the time on track is extremly short for the race drivers, but the athmosphere is more intense and F1 brings audience to a track like Sepang Circuit. Especially this weekend was the last time Formula 1 at Malaysia.

Overall the drivers of PCCA are excited to race along with Formula 1 in Shanghai, Singapore and this week Sepang. Short track time means in short- 1 Practice – 1 Qualifying and 1 Race. To achieve a good result you have to adopt fast, setup the car in best way and dont make mistakes.

And there is the weather, which did not see the best forecast before the weekend. Rain, thunder and clouds. At the end the weather was a surprise.

Free practice had cloudy condition, even light rain, but sill a dry track. As all drivers are familiar with the track at Sepang, there are not surprises on the track, just find the best setup for the weekend and pushing the throttle.

Saturday should sunshine and surprising good weather. The condition for racing was perfect in terms of Dry condition, but hot and hot. Starchase with Philip Hamprecht is always good at this track and has a good setup of the car everytime they enter the track. Philip did the rest and made Pole position, a chance for his second win, or chance for a real podium win. Last time in Singapore he won the first race, but after the first 3 got a penalty, so missed the podium. A win but a strange one..

Sunday – everyone is ready for the race. Philip first, Martin Ragginger second followed by Van der Drift and Will Bamber. The grid is waiting, the slicks are on temperature, everyone expecting the start. A cloud is waiting right behind the paddock, same as 25 Porsche on the grid, ready to burst.

Corner 4 and 7 got hit first, then the water drops slowly moved towards the cars, before The drops changed into a flushing shower.
As a photographer – rain is not the best thing, as you are not sitting in the car or sitting at the paddock garage watching data. You are out there, exposed and in the middle of the rain.

Before getting completely drowned i was able to put on the rain cover for myself and also for the camera. – there are camera wetsuits to protect your expensive gear. While i had quite some action protecting myself from the wet, all cars saw action at the grid to change in to Wet tires.

After 10 minutes subtropical heavy flush- the rain slowed down until only few drops falling from the sky and pushing out the Safety car to check the condition on the track.

Another 20 minutes, the Porsche 911 started their first 2 laps under Safety Car – total 14 laps. Then the race began. Ragginger was pushing Hamprecht and it took only 3 laps to get into first place pushing to get more gap. But the competition this year is stronger as ever. Van der Drift and Bamber, as well as Hamprecht are fighting for points and the title is still open until the last race. Bamber pushed hard and went into risky overtakes, but not touching any other car. He soon had Hamprecht and kept pushing Ragginger in front of him. At one overtake at turn 1 he almost lost the grip on his tale but his skills in wet are impressive and it looked like a smooth manouver. Behind him Hamprecht worked hard to defend his 3rd position, but finally Vn der Drift overtook and kept his position until the end.

Ragginger was working hard to defend aggressive Bamber. Both drivers knowing – how important every single point is. At the end – Ragginger wins again – after his win at Singapore race 2 and took the lead of the standings with only 3 points ahead of Chris Van der Drift who finish third this time. Second is Bamber, who is only 5 points behind championship leader.

At the Amateur class we see a similar competition between Evan Chen and Yue tan. Evan with only 3 points in lead of the championship at the moment. All comes down to the last race at Shanghai.

Overall it was an exciting race with great audience, good racing atmosphere of F1.

The drivers will miss F1 engagement next year here in Sepang, as its not easy to get spectators to the track 1 hour south of the center of Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you Malaysia  –