Hamilton wins Singapore

Legendary 10 years old Singapore F1 Grand Prix was decided after the first lap.

The weekend started well with Max verstappen running fast laps, but at the end topped by Sebastian Vettel, who showed impressive results with times far faster then other drivers and faster then last year, because of the wider tires. Qualifying went to Sebastian and started from Pole, in front of Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen.

The race started on wet condition, the 2 Ferarries took of, leaving Max in the middle, who basically got sandwiched by the shiny red cars. The contact with Kimi and Max caused damage on Kimis car and at Turn one his car smashed into Verstappen and Magnusen. Vettel could escape the collision.
Hamilton staring 5 positions behind Vettel had a clear overview and escaped outside the insicdent and went into turn one untouched.

Few moments later, while everyone was watching Kimi and Max stepping out of their car, walking across the track with frustrated mood, another incident happened.

Vettel spun and touched the wall, letting Hamilton pass to number 1. Not even half lap and both Ferraries were lost.

The rest of the race showed an impressive hamilton, who kept fast pace and several seconds in front of Ricciardo. Even when the safety car came in, Lewis kept a bit of distance to the pace car, that he could speed up as soon as the safety Zone has been removed.

Behind Daniel Ricciardo was Valeri Bottas securing the 3rd place on Podium.

On Sunday afternoon during the driver parade, everything looked like its the race of Ferrari, but things changed and Mercedes was the big winner of the day.