Mercedes-Benz will enter the sixth season of Formula E and stop the German Touring car series, DTM at the end of 2018.
Meaning that the German manufacturer will enter the electric racing series in 2019/2020 season.

Originally, Mercedes wanted to join season 5 opener at Hong Kong in November of this year, but have decided to wait a further season before starting to compete.

Mercedes wants to be ready

Motorsport boss, Toto Wolff explained: “It gives us time to properly understand the series and to prepare for our entry in the right way. In motorsport, like in every other area, we want to be the benchmark in the premium segment and also explore innovative new projects.
With Formula 1 and Formula E, we have achieved exactly this balance.”

Regarding DTM, Wolff said: “Formula E is like an exciting start-up venture – it offers a brand new format, combining racing with a strong event character.”

The Mercedes F1 team have won three consecutive world title doubles, using a 1.6l V6 Turbo Hybrid engine. FE cars are planned to be able to do a whole race with the need to be swapped in time for the 18/19 season.
Jaguar is already joining since last year

“The electric Revolution”

FE Founder Alejandro Agag praised Mercedes’ decision to join FE by saying: “This shows how much the world is changing, not only in motorsport, but the whole automotive industry.”

Mercedes are not the first manufacturer to join the series this year and Agag noted that by paying tribute to the “increasing number of manufacturers joining the electric revolution.”

Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne,  earlier this year:  “Hybridisation is crucial to Ferrari.

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Audi just committed beginning of this month.