On 21. April Mr. Uwe Brettel – Head of Motorsport Sales and Customer Racing – announced Motorsport Asia as an individual unit to promote Motorsport in the Region and support Teams in Asia. Alexandre Gibot former head of PCCA, will take over the role of head of Motorsport Asia.


sportauto interviews Mr. Uwe Brettel about the development of Porsche Motorsport:

“China GT is a great platform for us to enjoy Porsche products and with the new Motorsport Asia office we have local support, which is Business and Passion for the customer. we noticed that Asian customers are passionate to inhale rich car culture.
With over 100.000 Porsche members in USA with high Loyalty, in China is not there yet, but we see a potential to build it, today we are at Grass-root racing in Asia.”

Porsche often invited Celebrities to their events in the past, what is the strategy on that?

We got excellent Brand awareness for 1993 SuperCup with Celebrities. They bring spirit and fans. What we did not expect was that Celebrities will continue with racing, many are still with us today. It is very interesting to see how professional sportsman adopt to Sportscars.  I think they are experts in focus and concentration. For example Patrick Dempsey – he adopted to fuel and tires immediately and was very good with instructions, probably like at his daily job being an Actor. A big factor for Porsche bringing celebrities to racing was and is  “SAFETY”, so we run several test series to prepare them well and keep them safe.



Why you combine SuperCup and Porsche Carrera Cups with Formula One? 

Since 1993 we lined up with Formula One, as it’s the highest speciality of racing. The activities at Paddock, at Race control, at Grid.
We had a huge benefit out of it, as the racing environment is super professional and race are 100% on time. In terms of workflow and process and it helped us a lot in our own Organisation to become the professional Cup as it is today. F1 is a great platform all around the world. Whenever we have the chance to join with our local cup, we will join Formula 1.


Did you notice some changes of customer behaviors over the last 20 years running the Cup?

Different generations have different preferences. The biggest change is the Digital media world around us. Today everyone is transparent.
In the past – everyone could hide and build his own story for the audience.

The Cup and motivation for the customer or racers is still the same as before. Equal environment, everyone in the same car and race.
Its not about budget, its not about optimizing the car, the key facts are the same:  Passion and equal competition.

The service need to be perfect and we need to be top in hospitality. I do believe that we have the highest demands within Porsche Carrera Cup Asia from all our Cups all around the world. The philosophy of PCC is the same everywhere, but the business model needs to be adjusted to the regions demand, like in China hospitality is much more important then in Germany, where people focus more on racing.


Looking at your career Mr. Uwe Brettel, which time was the most challenging?

Every step in the career had its challenge, but the time in the USA with RS spyder was an exciting time. The Level of customer with RS spyder was extraordinary. The level of Professionalism was a real challenging part for us. And it all lead to Le Mans, so the 24hour Le Mans experience with RS was far bigger then with Daytona, as Le Mans is special. We always get the question – how to go to Le Mans.



You have been with Porsche for long time- what means Porsche to you?

Heritage and family. Like Mr. Wolfgang Porsche is still around. We are a big family.

When we talk about DNA, we develop cars at Le Mans, we do factory racing, customer racing, that’s unique and we take this development directly to our road cars.  As the cars are one family, the people are a family.

When we come to the race track – we are passionate and we are like a family together in one team. Even if we are in a bad spot during a race, we never give up and fight together.


Porsche is authentic, any comments?

Our DNA is a Sportscar and our road cars are the same. Earl Bamber took the car of Mr Franz Jung ( CEO of China ) to the race track in Shanghai and drove the best lap time. That says everything. The cars are authentic race machines, and if we look at people, Porsche has grown many heros.
Earl had the perfect fairy tale. He win PCCA- then win Supercup – then 25hout Le Mans and in such a short time. Thats hard for anyone to achieve again, but shows the authentic character of our brand. Hard work, big targets and support talents. Within PCC we identify them and we support young race driver all around the world. A young driver will get a chance within Porsche, but he needs to work very hard for that.


With the local Porsche GT Cup within China GT you have now 21 cups, What is the success factor of continuous growth?

It’s the same concept and the same CI all over the world. Everyone has equal chances to win, we have similar scrutineering. The Best driver is on the podium. Passionate people enjoy the PCC environment. The moment you leave the environment of PCC,  drivers will face more difficulties , you have BOP and different support and a lot of other factors, which might stop you from being on the podium.


Autonomous driving brings us away from driving – will it bring us back to racing?

Racing experience will grow. People will have basic needs, physical concepts of racing and we will see more grass-root racers. Thats why we introduce the Cayman, which is fun and easy. I believe the landscape of events will grow if autonomous driving arrives, but service will be important.
For the future racing will become more important but also close communication with the customer to get direct feedback and react on their needs, so we can build trust and closer relationship with Porsche owners. This said – Service will increase
Today we localize, and listen to the market carefully. We care about the market and the people, so the perfect solution for us is to develop one car which fits all the markets. But its not easy. Like the Cayman GT 4 should fit all the markets, as an entry level car, which are also reasonable to effort. It’s a fun car and entry level car, which is also perfect for Asia.

Important for every person to race is:

You arrive on Thursday afternoon and you have hope to be at the podium at the end of the week.
This spirit of hope to win – is the success of passion of racing. – Customer racing needs hope for podium.