sportscar from Red Bull and Aston Martin

Since F1 star engineer Adrian Newey was six years old, he dreams of a sportscar, which Red Bull and Aston Martin allows him to fulfill.
Aston Martin AM-RB 001 with V12, central engine is on market earliest 2018.

Probably 900 HP with 900 kg and after you drive it, he promises a smile on your face.

Since mid-March the collaboration between Red Bull and Aston Martin’s official. Already about 18 months ago,  Newey brought his favorite design sketches of its cluster to Aston Martin Chief Designer Marek Reichman who took along with his team and with only few changes they build the requirements for a road car. The now first presented result reminds more on a LMP1 car, rather a disguised Formula 1 car as Newey Playstation Design X1.

Aston Martin RB 001 about as fast as a Le Mans car
As a benchmark for the performance of a planned race version is according to  Newey rather the LMP1 than Formula 1. Even the street version is not to be significantly slower. That would be an announcement of a hypercar, which can outperform established cars like LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder. Asking Newey about a comparision with Bugatti Chiron, Newey only shakes his head and says that the character of his sports car go clearly towards McLaren P1.

The 57-year-old Englishman is considered an aerodynamics guru. But for its road-going sports car looks, he sees airflow not as the main characteristic. “The total package is critical,” said Newey. The car should shine just as with “appealing design and sophisticated mechanicsthe technology is similar to what is observed in expensive motorcycles.

Aston Martin RB 001 with be around 900 kilos and 900 hp?

The customer should enjoy a superior performance of  the Aston Martin RB 001 thanks to a power to weight ratio similar to a LMP1yes. Regarding power to weight Newey refers expressly to an average of LMP1 car, which creates with its powerful hybrid systems up to 1,300 horsepower – but when the batteries are just empty, they could momentarily end up with only 300 to 400 hp, estimates Newey. As average we could then estimate about 800 to 900 hp. With a minimum weight of about 870 kg, they then come to a power to weight ratio of about 1 kg / hp. The V12-engine of Aston Martin recently in the racecar Vulcan, was able to bring 831 horsepower to the rear wheels. The same he wants to make in the RB-001 AM. That would mean that its weight would be around 900 kilograms. No wonder that Newey excludes the dual-clutch gearbox, as the weight of which he estimated is at 140 to 150 kilograms.