How do the top drivers stay in shape? They hire Sport Science Consultant Motorsport Roman Engel. He worked with drivers like Ricciardo and Vettel, and now his invaluable advice is available for you. Check it out if you want to be a better and faster driver! Of course, it’s also very useful if you just want to get in better shape..

In 16 episodes you can learn how to train specific muscle groups that are most important for driving. Many exercises are demonstrated with no one less than Formula Masters champion Martin Rump. All exercises are easy to follow and you don’t need expensive tools. Simply work out at home!

The first episode is an extra long one, all warming up exercises in one. Each week a new short episode is added, so stay tuned. (subscribe to youtube channel!)

Now get going! Let’s warm up first:

1 // Warming Up

2 // Stronger neck muscles

3 // Core Strength

4 // Power Steering with weight

5 //Upper core

6 // Wrist

7 // Quick Reaction

8 // Lower back

9 // Neck muscles

10 // Arm Strength

11 // Core Strength

12 // Steering

13 // Reaction Speed

14 // Power Steering

15 // Super Planking

16 // More power steering