“sportauto BE THERE 360” with Ricciardo

At sportauto we bring you the fastest, most exciting videos from Asian race circuits and beyond. There is however one thing we can’t give you, and it’s the one thing you tell us you really want the most.

To be there.

Well now we have a solution that comes pretty close to putting you right in the thick of the action: filming in 360 degrees!

In cooperation with the people from Insta360 we can now let you go right inside the action, inside the garage, around the cars and even in between the grid girls. Wouldn’t you want to be on the front of Daniel Ricciardo’s go-kart, while he breaks the track record? Now you can! Experience the dazzling speed while watching the track, his braking, throttle and steering.

A new opportunity, and a new challenge!

For us it’s also a matter of testing. Where to put the camera guy? Is there enough interesting stuff happening?

The camera is different. The editing is different. We will get better, to give you the best experience, but enjoy it as we work through the development phase..

We will team up with the fast developing technique from Insta360 to give you the best experience. We aim to have you on the track, in a car, in full VR 3D in a few months time.

So enjoy the new experience, look around, drag the mouse or move your phone. Enjoy being in exciting places with us.

Keep checking and we will keep posting new stunning 360 video’s regularly. On YouTube we made a special channel for all 360 video’s.

Don’t hesitate to send us your ideas.

Brought to you by sportauto.